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The Inbound Marketing Methodology

How to attract high quality leads and turn them into customers


When a person has a question in his mind, he looks for answers in the one place that is most accessible, online! The easiest way for you to connect with those people and turn them into clients is to have an online presence which caters to their every need. From providing knowledge, to products, to answering queries you need to cover all your bases.

Your leads will be attracted when you start publishing content online, from blogs to ebooks, videos, tipsheets, search engine optimization so that your company comes up on the first page of search results, social media engagement, and online PR/media distribution and promotion.


Inbound marketing transforms website visitors into leads by providing them helpful and valuable content in exchange for their contact information. You can generate an increase in high quality traffic by enhancing your website with a well-planned user experience and adding relevant and valuable content, this will eventually convert your website traffic into sales-ready leads.


With the rise in marketing automation, CRM tools and 2.0 lead management strategies have the power to qualify leads in an easier manner. The companies using form strategies and personalized content help clients get the finest leads to “raise their hands” throughout the conversion process. Then, using HubSpot lead management tools, we can classify which competent leads are all set to turn over to Sales, and which prospects still require nurturing and support.


Conventionally, lead nurturing used to mean email marketing-newsletters, and subscription updates. As time progresses and trends change, the collective power of marketing automation and content management tools, directs towards more sophisticated and personalized approach towards nurturing the leads. In our combined campaigns, we personalize messaging in an array of situations: getting in to the potential’s inbox, as he reads published articles, visits website pages, or engages on social media.


Continuous growth can be observed after the correct analysis of your attraction, conversion, qualification, and nurturing efforts. We constantly evaluate how an inbound plan actually works by connecting key performance indicators (KPIs) to revenue goals.

At every stage, marketing quality and sales-generation are now quantifiable and inbound marketers can evaluate it from search engine optimization to how well a specific content piece generates leads. Gone are the days when we used to work on the estimation of value of an ad: with inbound, you identify the business impact of every single step you take.


An effective closing strategy starts with efficient transfer of leads from Marketing to Sales-to make this process easy, we make service level agreements (SLAs)-and all the way through the sales process, the sales teams are supported by completely tuned nurturing efforts. With the use of analytics and qualification data, we build advanced lead scoring in organizing and setting priorities for the Sales team, assisting to develop systems of persistent improvement.


We assist clients persistently provide opportunity and value to their current customers to encourage referrals and create new up-sell opportunities. Pleased customers turn out to be promoters of your brand and evangelists for your advertising & promotion efforts, supporting to impel your lead attraction process ahead.